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SUMMER LOVIN’: 5 Tips for Balance & Best Business Practices

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Let’s be real: the cannabis industry is popping off right now. So much innovation happens week-to-week, it can be difficult to keep up! It’s also the time of year where creativity bursts happen, possibly inspired by some top-notch sativa. As a business focused on promoting businesses that do right by the planet, we’re thinking about maximizing productivity and living our best lives.

Here’s some hot tips for the business-minded to combine work with pleasure. The goal is to work smart, not harder, folks.

1. Put Your Oxygen Mask First.

Small business owners often feel pressure to network. Building relationships generate more possibilities down the line, either for placing products, developing new sources of funding, or just to plain have fun with like-minded people. But how can you succeed at giving new relationships the attention they need if you’re already stretched too thin? Networking needs to serve your business’ specific goals. Don’t try to do it all: choose two or three events that have the highest number of connection points to your work. And then practice saying no to the non-essential stuff – there will be another High Times Cannabis Cup next year. Saying no is a good way to really say yes to the things that will actually serve you and your business.

2. Feel Good Projects.

On the topic of choice, make sure you practice discernment in terms of what you want to work on. Sure, launching a business is a lot of work, work which doesn’t necessarily end at 6 P.M. But prioritize the projects that you’re most excited about.

3. Find Your Seasonal Rhythm.

Contrary to popular belief that summer is a deadzone, partners looking to invest in exciting projects do so year-round. In a 2017 Techcrunch piece, researchers saw that while July often experiences a “dip,” August’s VC deals shoot back up. So, if you’re a founder on the hunt for funding, rest assured: any time of year is a good time to make money.

4. Eat Right.

Summer produce is so fresh and delicious! In addition to cooking with seasonal foods, seek out cannabis infused products with healthy ingredients. We’re talking “real food” like organic jam from Flour Child Collective , or if you’re hoping to cut out refined sugar, find some low-glycemic cookies from MoonMan’s Mistress.

5. Drink Responsibly.

Cannabis production sucks a lot of water. NORML, a marijuana advocacy group, estimates that each plant requires about 2.6 gallons of water per day. Cannabis grower advocacy groups and the Small Farmers Association are pushing growers toward goals of 0.5 to 1 gallon per plant per day. If you’re sourcing cannabis, make sure you’re working with farms who use sustainable watering practices. The good news is, California may just solve its water crisis due to cannabis being a top crop in the state, post recreational legalization. How cool is that!

The 4twenty Group wants you to spend as much time at the beach as possible! Let us know if you think of other tips to find balance during Summer 2018.

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