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Spring FLiNg 2018

Photo Credit: NME Magazine

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we made a playlist for you to enjoy (see below) and here are five of our favorite things in cannabis right now:

Sherbinskis: Local Bay genetics wizard has the newest Gelato strains perfect for the season. Double barrel cartridges with the highest quality cannabis oil? Yes, please.

FOR THE NIGHT by Princess Nokia: For all the folks who enjoy a solo smoke and reminiscent trip. It could change your whole motherf*cking life.

Water-soluble CBD Elixir: Leave it to Ojai to come up with a mystical remedy. If it works for children finding wellness within epilepsy related issues, what's not to love?

Beer Down, Blunts Up: According to a recent study, cannabis sales are increasing while beer sales decreases in rec states.

Glass Blunt Store: Step your game up and skip the papers. Simply toss your flower inside the glass chamber, twist, and light. It's simple, eco-friendly, and hawt. 


Knxledge - E.R [WTT]

Cardi B - All of Invasion of Privacy but especially “I Like It”

Janelle Monae - Pynk (watch the video) & Make Me Feel

Tinashe - Joyride

Kali Uchis ft Jorja Smith – Tyrant

Brandy, Monica - The Boy is Mine

Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li

DeJ loaf - In Da Club

Jidenna - Boomerang

Amindi K. Fro$t - Pine & Ginger

Drake - Nice For What

TLC - No Scrubs

Miguel & Tame Impala - Waves

Robert Glasper x KAYTRANDA - Outro

Click here for our Spotify Playlist.

Andrea Burnett runs a lifestyle pr firm. She lives and works in Northern California with her partner, Barb their twins Ava and Sophia and their two rambunctious cats, Lyle and Rye.

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