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How to Keep Your Kids from Getting Your Stash

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Photo Credit: Patrick Fore on Unsplash

With 30 states and the District of Columbia legalizing marijuana in some form, the likelihood that your children will encounter the drug in the home is higher than ever before. Several cases over the past year of children ingesting marijuana, in sometimes dangerously high doses, has raised awareness about the need for safety guards.

To ensure that your kids don't accidentally access your cannabis stash, here are a few tips to childproof and secure your marijuana.

1.  Place cannabis in a lock box

Herbal storage should be discreet and secure. One company, Hakuna Supply, specializes in designing mahogany of walnut wood boxes similar to those you would see used for cigar storage. The boxes include a removable rolling tray and can be engraved or customized to suit your needs. For a no-nonsense approach to storage, the original black stash box can be purchased on

2.  Consider purchasing accessories with airtight compartments 

For mom’s on-the-go, it isn’t easy to transport your cannabis stash without carrying the smell with you. One company, is trying to change this by selling purses and accessories with Aroma-bloc technology and secret compartments. By matching the convenience of a purse with great aesthetics, you can take your cannabis anywhere you go. 

3. Use discreet jars and store in a high place

Several companies including Stash Logix specialize in developing discreet jars. Developed in Colorado, Stash Logix offers several affordable stashing options from aluminum locking jars to glass jars and bamboo. These should be stored in discreet locations such as a top shelf in the pantry. Avoid placing jars with herbs and spices to prevent accidental cannabis seasoning.

4. Save old prescription bottles and re-use the childproof seals

Child-resistant locking was invented in 1967 and is used on all prescription bottles and even several over-the-counter drugs such as Benadryl and Advil. When choosing the best one to re-use, prioritize bottles that require greater dexterity such as lining up two arrows and applying pressure of squeezing from both sides and turning. This should be used as a last line of defense and likely won’t be effective for keeping your cannabis stash from older children.

5. Use cabinet and drawer latches

These can easily be purchased on and attached to a bathroom or kitchen drawer. It's important, however, as your kids get older to set ground rules on what they can and cannot go through. I'd recommend limiting the drawer latches to a single office or master bathroom where kids are off limits. If that isn’t an option, you could also try purchasing bags with childproof locking zippers like those sold by Anonymous Bags. 

Andrea Burnett runs a lifestyle pr firm. She lives and works in Northern California with her partner, Barb their twins Ava and Sophia and their two rambunctious cats, Lyle and Rye.

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