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Female Artists We Love…Who Also Love Weed!

A 4twenty playlist for your 420 weekend

April 20th (420) has become a day known for celebrating cannabis… especially with the changing tides of cannabis legislation. This year extra festivities are to be expected with the date falling on a Saturday, also coinciding with the closing weekend of Coachella. For those lucky enough to have tickets, they are in for a most excellent of weekends. For those that can’t make it to the show, there are bound to be plenty of other events for you to attend. Then again, sometimes it’s nice to just chill and enjoy some downtime.

If a chill solo 420 is more your jam, consider some other ladies like yourself that also love cannabis. Here are our suggestions of popular ladies who love weed to get your 420 playlist started.


From her honey-dipped lyrical nods towards cannabis culture to her chill beats perfect for an afternoon of creativity or relaxation, SZA is a solid choice to kick off any 420 playlist. Not only is she lyrically open about her smoking habits, but she is a good example of art imitating life. Songs such as Drew Barrymore off of her CTRL record release (2017) are right in line with typical festivities of April 20. In fact, the whole album is a delight from start to finish.


Queen Bey’s little sister, Solange, has been super clear about her usage with her fans and sees no problem with smoking. Who can forget her silly impromptu duet with Moses singing about his smoking habits posted on Instagram a few years ago? If you missed it, you can see it here. Since then, it has been rumored that she has been caught smoking on a number of occasions.


If you are a fan of this lady, then it is no shock that she enjoys more than her fair share of herbal indulgences. Rhianna has always been open about her love of cannabis. In fact, a few years ago there was a rumor that she was even going to launch her own brand line of weed, artfully called MaRhianna. Sadly, the launch of the designer line of green never took off. Even still, it is a testament, along with her plethora of pictures that she posts on her Instagram account, of her love for the green.

Jhene Aiko

With a low key sweet vibe, Jhene Aiko provides some seriously dank lyrics that are perfectly paired with lighting up. Lyrically, she is outspoken about her smoking habits. One of the most memorable smoker friendly moments that you’ll want to check out as part of your 420 playlist is her collaboration with Childish Gambino, Bed-Peace. Inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s  “bed-ins for peace” this remix is pure inspiration.

Melissa Ethridge

While known for being an artist that contests the societal norms, Melissa Ethridge wasn’t always an icon known as being a pro-pot celebrity. However, after a successful battle against cancer, became an outspoken proponent of medicinal cannabis. She has gone on the record a number of times, discussing how smoking cannabis has helped her as a person, as well as argued that smoking with her family has created a closer bond. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she thinks parents should be endorsing smoking with their children of any age. Her kids were well into their adult years when she decided to toke with them.


Looking for something upbeat to listen to while hanging with friends or rocking out in your car? Kehlani with her poppy urban beats and fun style is a good choice. Her attitude is a little edgy, reminiscent of Pink in her younger years and this lady is one that has definitely had some life experiences to share. She is both vocally talented and stylish in how she presents her tracks. She is also quite open about her cannabis use and love of the drug. She’s been noted, on a number of occasions, for talking about her smoking habits. More than that, she even openly admitted to selling weed while she worked at Hot Topic in her younger years.

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