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The Babe List ​: Women in weed we are crushing over right now​

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Who are the badass women shaking up the cannabis industry right now?

Photo Credit: ​ T. Chick McClure

There are so many amazing women in cannabis, doing great work every day to get the plant into dispensaries, new culinary experiences, or simply the comforts of home. They’re more than producers or business folks; they’re advocates. Whether it’s through organizing events so women in cannabiz can connect with each other, or developing products specifically formulated to meet the needs of women, they’re doing it and we want to introduce you to a few of the 4/20 babes we love here at The 4Twenty Group (and we mean that affectionately, and as a company of feminists!):

Kyra Reed - Founder of Kadin Academy and fearless leader of Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabiz whose ethos can be summed up in brief: #bettertogether.
Nushin Rashidian & Alyson Martin – co-authors of A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition and bad-ass WOC investigative journalists.
Coreen Carroll – Head Chef of the Cannaisseur Series SF-based happenings held at secret locations that pair excellent California cuisine with fine flowers, edibles, and other cannabis goodies. We love her for her true commitment to curating high-quality culinary experiences. And she’s also the co-author of Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen (Chronicle Books, Oct 2018) along with another babe we love, Stephanie Hua of Mellows.
Lisa Rogovin — Curious Cannabis Salons are tours specific for canna-curious run by the founders of SF “Edible Excursions.” Lisa’s been doing this for 15 years, but it wasn’t until her pain was acting up and she tried CBD as a remedy, that she realized just how much education was needed. So many people don’t consider themselves “stoners” and need a helping hand to see just how powerful a healer THC/CBD can be.
Anja Charbonneau – Broccoli Magazine Editor-in-Chief says she wanted her magazine to "look at cannabis from an art and culture and fashion perspective...owned by women, run by women, [and] created by women." Broccoli focuses on everything from the war on drugs to minimalist, trendy weed paraphernalia and why women in the cannabis industry are more important than ever. And we’re eating it right up!

What babes are you loving right now? Share with us!!

Andrea Burnett runs a lifestyle pr firm. She lives and works in Northern California with her partner, Barb their twins Ava and Sophia and their two rambunctious cats, Lyle and Rye.

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