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A publicity boot camp specially designed for new cannabis businesses and brands, taught by well-known cannabis PR expert, Andrea Burnett of 4twentygroup Group.

Launching a new cannabis brand is hard work. We know—we’ve helped dozens of companies with their publicity campaigns. We know the cannabis industry and we know what it takes to get the attention of media and consumers.

Before you launch, you’ll need to get PR READY.


Whether you’re new to the cannabis industry, or simply sharing your passion and talents with the world for the first time, our PR READY package will save you from the chaos of starting up. 


We offer you an authoritative toolkit that provides the information, assets and tools you need to navigate the current media landscape and create a successful PR campaign.


We’ll walk with you step-by-step to create the press-worthy brand that your expertise deserves in an all-in-one intensive, personalized, reasonably-priced, action-oriented workshop designed for busy entrepreneurs that need to learn the ins and outs of PR...quickly.


You’ll walk away feeling confident and qualified and ready to rock your business launch.


What We’ll Teach You


Your Public + Social Profile

  • Your PR groundwork. We show you what assets you must have to be ready for launch.

  • All eyes on you. We delve into the ins and outs of public profiles, teaching you how to build your image on all socials and LinkedIn and master the blending of professionalism and personality.

  • Open and online. We teach you how to create a website with easily accessible content and assets that make media pros happy. When someone wants to get to know you, they’ll know just how to do it.

  • First moves. We’ll let you know which social media channels are right for which situation, and we’ll help you get started on your very first real-world social media strategy.


Branding & Publicity (and Their Happy Union)

  • Show and tell. Want to know what content makes for good publicity opportunities? We’ll tell you how to get the media just as excited as you are. 

  • The hook. We simplify one of the hardest steps and teach you to deliver a powerhouse pitch.

  • The glorious return. You’ll learn the essentials of sustained momentum and how to secure an invitation back from the press for extended coverage.

  • Vital and adaptable concepts. We teach you the essential principles of publicizing your business and brand, and we’ll cover how to pivot to outside-the-box PR strategies that won’t break the bank.

  • Leveraging discourse. Our masters of communication will develop methods to involve the media in your online conversations.



  • Make a big thing out of it. We’ll share valuable experience in properly utilizing launch events, demo days, pop-ups and experiential marketing.

  • Gold mines and pitfalls. We’ll help you determine which events garner sales and which to avoid.

  • Turning heads. We’ll help you craft an engaging demo pitch and table set-up that drives sales and interest.


What You’ll Take Home

  • In-person or video consultation (addressing all of the above)

  • A social media audit with recommendations to make you look like a superstar online

  • A polished press release and pitch letter for your new business

  • Two professionally written bios (a long and a short) to use on your site and socials

  • A complete and up-to-the-minute list of diverse media contacts to whom you can send your pitches and press release (includes print, online, blogs, radio, TV and freelancers)

  • A list of 20 influencers in your cannabis category

The cost: One-time flat fee $1500. 

   Fee includes two 30-minute follow-up calls with Andrea where she will provide extra advice, input, and guidance. 


   Any additional time you may need will be invoiced to the client at $200.00 per hour.


   In-person consultation held at our 4twenty office in Richmond, CA. 

On-site workshop fees vary and travel and expenses are extra (TBD).

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