A Cannabis Lifestyle PR Firm


Who Are We?

Proactive, creative connectors. That’s who we are.

We employ public relations as a catalyst to drive sales, strengthen brand perceptions and influence change.

With our extensive roots and ties with lifestyle media, we specialize in helping our clients build their public relations strategy, and create winning publicity campaigns that move the needle on sales.

We won’t play it by the book. Every single project we manage and campaign we run will be crafted to your personal needs, using our distinctive knowledge and tools to advance your PR objectives and set you apart from the competition.

What We Do

  • Encourage big ideas. We recognize the potential of your cannabis brand, and will work tirelessly to make sure everyone else knows it too.
  • Keep up. We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world, finding innovative ways to integrate your brand, product, business or service into the media forefront.
  • Get you out there. We craft enticing pitches that reach a broad network and garner early responses
  • Find your niche. We identify target media, bloggers and thought leaders whose interests are relevant to your product
  • Get a buzz on. We garner imaginative and inspired news around your cannabis brand
  • Put a face to the name. We schedule and facilitate media interviews, blog tours, and launch events for the media.

How We Are Different

  • It starts with listening. Our custom public relations programs start by getting to know you. By learning your unique facets, needs and objectives, we can maximize visibility and achieve your goals. Collaboration is key.
  • Make it personal. We know you’re different. After getting to know you from the ground up, we craft a campaign that utilizes your strengths and makes the most sense for you alone.
  • Enthusiasm is infectious. We feed off of your enthusiasm for your cannabis brand, product, or book, and we put that energy right back into a passion-driven campaign where we’ll do all the dirty work to take you to the top.

Our Team

Andrea Burnett, Founder
Andrea is the founder of The 4twenty Group and a 25-year veteran of the lifestyle PR and marketing industry. She's always looking for new ways to amplify her clients’ brands, create outside-the-box campaign strategies and maintain her lifelong reputation as an über connector. Addictions: the perfect pair of shoes, Jeopardy and the color orange. Guilty pleasures: Moscow Mules, lying in bed on Sundays reading the NYT, and binge-watching Netflix. Most days, Andrea can be overheard boasting about her 11-year-old twins Ava and Sophia, her partner Barb and her cats, Lyle and Rye.

Meet the team.

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